April 22, 2010

What does it mean?

To me, it’s not a religious thing. To me, it is, a spiritual thing. But, it’s not just a spiritual thing. It’s a practical thing as well.

Faith is the opposite of fear, worry, panic.

Faith is not the belief that things are always easy. It is the belief that life is good, and if you hang in there, things will work out. It is the belief that the world, and people, are basically good, and that we have much to be thankful for.

To me, faith and persistence are intertwined. Why persist if you have no faith? Without faith, wouldn’t persistence be nothing but unnecessary struggle? But, with faith, persistence is key. It is the action which proves your faith.

If you’re like me, faith can be a confusing word. It has so many attached ideas. Can you have faith even if you don’t attend church? Can you have faith if you don’t belong to any religion? Yes.

Of course faith is a key part of religion, as it should be. But don’t wait til you join a religion to give it a try.

PS. Want to feel more peaceful and fulfilled? Read “The Four Agreements” and then either “The Power of Now” or “A New Earth” and apply what you learn. That’s Doctor Dan’s prescription for happiness πŸ™‚


Finding Positive People in Your Area on Positive Atmosphere

April 21, 2010

I show you how to find positive people in your area using our advanced search. You can also search all sorts of other criteria. We want to help you make real world connections with great people πŸ™‚

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It’s all about ENERGY

April 8, 2010

Ever done something without using energy? Think you ever will? Didn’t think so.

So if everything you do is done with energy, is having more energy a good thing?

We all are at our best when we have genuine enthusiasm, which is our fancy word for true energy.

So, the question is: What are you enthusiastic about?



Are you feeling butterflies just thinking about it? THAT, is enthusiasm πŸ™‚ GO FOR IT, START.

YouTube – Affirmations to Loud Music, my new thing :)

April 8, 2010

What are affirmations and why should you yell/scream/sing them in traffic?

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Mastermind Groups are Super Powerful

April 8, 2010 That’s the link to the instructions for starting a mastermind group, page 27. I hope this helps you live a happier more fulfilled life πŸ™‚

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Understanding, Tolerance and Acceptance Across Cultures, Religions etc

March 27, 2010


Please be patient, the first 4 minutes we’re trying to figure out the audio, but after that it’s a very interesting talk about understanding and accepting people. The importance of being non-judgmental and including people to improve the world and move towards world peace.

Here’s the blog post that inspired this talk πŸ™‚

The power of your words and self talk.

March 17, 2010

What are you telling yourself? The power of your words and self talk has a huge impact on your life! See you atΒ

Biographies and Persistence

March 17, 2010

Want to find role models who persisted, and learn the story of their success? The go watch some biographies! See you at πŸ™‚

Work in your “Brilliance Zone”.

March 17, 2010

What’s your “Brilliance Zone”? What do you love doing, what are you good at? Is there an activity that causes you to lose track of time? Focus on your strengths.

3 steps you can take NOW to eat and live healthier

March 17, 2010

Want to feel better and be healthier, but just need to know where to start? This video is for you πŸ™‚ Simple steps you can easily implement to be healthier and eat better.