Hope, the key to persistence

This blog post is to help those who have identified something they would like to create or attain in the world.

Persistence is a key to creating in the real world, what you see in your mind.  However, without hope, there is no motivation to persist.  With hope, you can persist, moving toward your vision, one step at a time.  Therefore, if you want to create/acheive, you must maintain your hope.  You must keep your engine running.

Like a car with no fuel, if you have no hope, your engine of creativity, enthusiasm and genius won’t run.  You can have a shiny sports car, with a strong engine and new tires, but without fuel it just sits in the driveway, a bombing target for the neighborhood birds.  Yes, I said it, without hope, no matter how talented, strong or pretty you are, you’ll often just sit around doing nothing and getting crapped on 🙂

That being said, it seems that a reasonable question would be “How can I do a better job of maintaining my hope?”  My answer to that is: WATCH WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR GAS TANK (your mind+soul).  Put in some encouraging friends, some good books, some quiet walks, prayer or meditation, some inspiring movies and television.  All of that is high quality fuel for your soul.  DO NOT put in complaining coworkers, the nightly news, gossiping friends, and violent/depressing movies.

That is Dr. Dan’s prescription for keeping your gas tank full so you can move toward your vision.  Remember, no one is perfect, you will have tough days, you may slip up now and then.  Just notice your error, and correct it.  No need to beat yourself up, just accept that you’re human, laugh it off, and move forward.

By the way, it may seem I’m picking on the news a bit.  Not all news or journalism is a bad influence, but much of it is.  Go ahead and stay informed.  Just find high quality sources of information that do not use scare tactics or have an “us versus them” mentality.  Some of my favorite are TED.comFrontline, documentaries etc. on Netflix, and well organized video from tons of websites at Clicker.

I hope that helps you out.  And I hope to see you around PositiveAtmosphere.com, where soul fuel is always free, and we have plenty for everyone 🙂


Dan O’Donnell

P.S. WATCH THIS VIDEO ABOUT HOPE AND PERSISTENCE!  It’s Tony Robbins telling the true story of Rocky.


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